Hello Everyone,

Due to the recent developments of the global pandemic, Pho Cuu Long has decided to do Take-Out only starting Friday March 20 until further notice to help reduce the risk to our customers, staff, and families.

Thank You.


We’d love to invite you to our latest endeavor –Phố Cửu Long Restaurant which translates to Nine Dragons Phố Restaurant.

We are a small family owned restaurant in Old St. Vital. Our family has many years of experience in food and hospitality.


In Chinese culture, 9 is a lucky number and Chinese dragons symbolize greatness, strength and good luck.

The name “Nine Dragons” was inspired by Sông Cửu Long which is what Vietnamese people in the South call the Mekong River Delta. Sông Cửu Long has 9 “mouths” or gates that empty into the South China Sea and was significant to Vietnamese immigration. This river also represents and supports the food and culture in many parts of Southern Vietnam.

We want to share our culture by serving some of it’s delicious authentic cuisine.

We hope to entice you with good food and good vibes.

We offer suitable meal choices for brunch, lunch, and dinner.